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Heart in California

What does this sticker mean?
California is the “golden state” and therefore the color for the sticker was an obvious go to design.  The blue border and blue heart represent the great blue Pacific Ocean.  There are three “Heart in California” designs, one for each region of the state, southern central and northern.

There are also other California Heart Sticker designs including the Native, Redwood, Sasquatch and Big Sur designs.  These stickers don’t feature the legacy heart design but instead they feature custom designs.

Where do I buy these cool stickers? Click here and you’ll be directed to the California section of

Northern California is home to numerous awe-inspiring attractions, natural wonders, foods to eat, wines to drink and sights to see! From the regions southern most popular attractions in or around San Francisco.  Santa Cruz and the board walk, Monterey Bay and Aquarium, Alcatraz Island, Yosemite National Park, The Sierra Nevada Mountains, The Golden Gate Bridge and Golden Gate Park, Haight Ashbury and Fisherman’s Wharf.  It’s so easy to spend 7-10 days in this culture rich section of the state.  Just north of San Francisco lives even more majestically graced attractions like Napa Valley and wine country, San Marin, The Redwoods and General Sherman, Lassen Park, The Mystery Spot and the ever so beautiful coast line of Big Sur and Mendocino.

Northern California has something for everyone and we have your sticker to show how much you love this amazing part of the state.  Get your stickers by clicking here.  We will be launching some new Heart in California stickers soon!

Inspired by my friends who dress up as Yetis and go around simulating a friendly Yeti attack on unsuspecting folks during events, we bring you these two new great stickers.


These two stickers are available from Amazon~ Yeti Stroll and Yeti Prints and

The Yeti, also known as the Abominable Snowman, came into popular culture in 1921 when Lieutenant-Colonel Charles Howard-Bury made a discovery of a large man-like footprint at the base of Mt Everest.

The recent Yeti’s jump in popularity is in part due to the Yeti Brand of Coolers that have taken the US by “snowstorm”, and are now dominating the high-end cooler market.

The Heart Sticker Yeti challenge was to create a Yeti from scratch who carries the spirit of the big, hairy, beast but looks friendly also.      

Our first products available are our classic vinyl, die-cut stickers. The Yeti Stroll is the whole creature strolling along, and the feet are individually die-cut, left and right. Stay tuned, an embroidered sticky-back cooler sticker is coming soon!
These two stickers are available from Amazon~ Yeti Stroll and Yeti Prints and