Inspired by my friends who dress up as Yetis and go around simulating a friendly Yeti attack on unsuspecting folks during events, we bring you these two new great stickers.


These two stickers are available from Amazon~ Yeti Stroll and Yeti Prints and

The Yeti, also known as the Abominable Snowman, came into popular culture in 1921 when Lieutenant-Colonel Charles Howard-Bury made a discovery of a large man-like footprint at the base of Mt Everest.

The recent Yeti’s jump in popularity is in part due to the Yeti Brand of Coolers that have taken the US by “snowstorm”, and are now dominating the high-end cooler market.

The Heart Sticker Yeti challenge was to create a Yeti from scratch who carries the spirit of the big, hairy, beast but looks friendly also.      

Our first products available are our classic vinyl, die-cut stickers. The Yeti Stroll is the whole creature strolling along, and the feet are individually die-cut, left and right. Stay tuned, an embroidered sticky-back cooler sticker is coming soon!
These two stickers are available from Amazon~ Yeti Stroll and Yeti Prints and

From the bottom of my heart, to all and everyone who has been involved in the success of Heart in Oregon and Heart Sticker,

Thank You!

The KGW Movers and Makers spot was a big moment for us here.  Below are a few people to whom we would like to give thanks, plus a listing of providers of the cool Heart in Oregon products that were on the spot, but are not available through our website.

The idea was simple… What can I do service my existing in Oregon in the tough economy of 2003, until I found a “real” job that would carry me all the way?  I decided to create a cool sticker and sell them for $2 each to make ends meet until I found that job.  That thought was just the beginning of our story.  How did we get from there to here?  With a lot of help from a lot of people.  Here is a thank you, and reference to them, should you need their magic skills.

  • Mary Kelly the amazing artist that finalized the Heart in Oregon layout.
  • All of my friends and family members who suggested or participated in such things as: “Green Heart, cut into Oregon shape”, sharing stickers with 1000s, helping with funding, packaging orders, tolerating me, and so much more. “Keep close to your friends, you’re going to need them in the end,” and everywhere between here and there.
  • Mercy Corp NW, Small Business Development Center, and Score for introducing me to new business concepts and arranging them in the right order.
  • TravelOregon and TravelPortland are both awesome.
  • All those customers who took a chance on our product. And to those who still are.
  • All those folks who worked for the business, whether it be for a long or short time.
  • To all of us who love this beautiful land called Oregon. Isn’t she amazing?  Let’s do our best to preserve her as best we can for future generations and us too.


Here are few of the stores who carry our products.  Buy from them first and often:

  • Made in Oregon
  • Powell’s Books
  • Tillamook Ice Creamery
  • Travel Mart Your Northwest (PDX)
  • Hirons Drugs

Here are a few of the Heart in Oregon items that are not sold by us directly.  You can contact these folks for location or direct purchase:

Again, thank you all and have a great remaining 2016.


Chris Bucci

Movers and Makers – Chris Bucci


Recently, my 6-year-old son and I spent 4 days and 3 nights at the beautiful oasis where we participated in all of the great things offered at the camp. We attended the Daddy and Child camp where there were approx. 15 dads and 25 kids who, by the end of it all, became friends for life.  It was so wonderful that I cannot say enough great things about Camp Westwind on the Oregon coast.

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California is one of the world’s greatest places.  Its natural beauty and pleasant climate are second-to-none. No wonder 35 million people live in this amazing “playground.”

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Imagine yourself in a paradise, where every part of your soul feels fulfilled.  You have a roof over your head, a community of friends that appreciates you and relies on you. You live in an agreeable climate that suits your health and your clothes and it is a place that is beautiful beyond compare.  Would you like to live in such a place?

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Express your affection for the Beaver State with our super-cool Heart in Oregon t-shirts. The tees will be on sale through at least the Valentine’s Day. Prices start at as low as $5 and most of the t-shirts are available at no more than $15. Find the t-shirts on

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