The chase for the MLS Cup is well on its way. The postseason clubs include:

Toronto FC, New York City FC, Columbus Crew, Vancouver Whitecaps, New York Red Bulls, Portland Timbers, Seattle Sounders and the Houston Dynamo remain alive in the MLS playoffs.

The league matches the teams based on division, divisional standings, and use a combination of single elimination and points total to get to the final two teams.

Heart Sticker’s own Portland Timbers won the MLS Cup in 2015.

Heart Sticker’s Line of MLS Club In State Stickers have taken the club’s logo and inserted it into the home state shape.  Here are all of the post-season

MLS team Heart Stickers MLS New York City FC Sticker
MLS Columbus Crew SC Sticker MLS Vancouver Whitecaps FC Sticker
MLS New York Red Bulls Sticker MLS Portland Timbers in Oregon Sticker
MLS Seattle Sounders FC Sticker MLS Houston Dynamo Sticker

Heart Sticker’s own home state Champions got their own MLS Cup stickers in 2015.



It will be exciting to see how the Timbers, and the rest of the teams, do in the next few weeks.  Get your favorite team sticker here:

Heart Sticker Store


Good luck to all!

Take your favorite Major League Soccer (MLS) Club and drop their logo into the team’s home state. Here are a few of our successful designs: the San Jose Earthquakes in California, the Seattle Sounders in Washington  and Atlanta United FC in Georgia

You can get your Team in State at the Heart Sticker store

The success of these designs online, at team stores, malls, and sports stores means we now have the ability to expand our creativity and develop more designs.




We love MLS line of stickers because it allows us to dig deep into the culture of the fanbase. For Example, the Portland Timbers have Timbers Army with their own fanatic culture and community.

Atlanta United FC has its gold spike signed by the fans each match and a celebrity hammers it in after every match:

We have started to focus heavily on the culture of both the MLS and its fan base and will soon be releasing limited run stickers for each time.


One thing we noticed was the prevalence of scarves at matches. So, we have combined a Club shirt and scarf. This sticker has two stickers in one. Here is Atlanta United’s shirt/scarf combo:


These all-weather vinyl stickers are ready for you to stick to your water bottle, notebook, computer – anywhere you wish to show your club spirit. The shirts measures approx. 3.5 x 4 and the scarf is a 4×1.5 inch. This sticker is available at:

MLS – GA Atlanta United Uniform/Scarf Sticker- Single

All of the Heart Stickers MLS products are sanctioned and approved by the league.
We’ll be adding new club designs regularly. Stay tuned and stick with us!

The Heart Sticker Company.

The eclipse slams into Idaho at 1970 miles per hour at approx. 10:15 am MDT, with a path that cuts from Ontario Oregon to Rexburg.  There is a lot of open, secluded, flat and mountainous land in Idaho, perfect for your eclipse viewing experience.

The state-specific commemorative eclipse sticker for Idaho, by Heart Sticker, is the Total Eclipse of the Heart in Idaho.  We took our standard Heart in Idaho with its state shape, with our ruby red garnet cut heart and blacked it out with a red corona shining around the heart.  As with all of our Eclipse stickers, we have the date and time stamp of the Eclipse totality in South Carolina.  Here is a side by side comparison.

Heart In Idaho Eclipse
Heart In Idaho

In addition to mimicking the Heart in Idaho design, we printed these on highly reflective foil material and with translucent inks to allow the foil to reflect.  Also, we added a small version of the Heart in Idaho sticker as a bonus sticker for you to enjoy.  Don’t forget to use this for your phone case.

You can view and purchase all of our Eclipse stickers Here

You can view and purchase our Total Eclipse of the Heart in Idaho Stickers Here

You can view and purchase our Heart in Idaho Stickers Here

And don’t forget, to get your eclipse viewing glasses and have your best friends close.  The eclipse will be a memory for a lifetime.

Have a great eclipse, Idaho.
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