The Golden Spike, Atlanta FC!

March 5 2017, in a packed stadium filled with 55,297 raging fans all cloaked in black and red, the Golden Spike tradition was born.

Ninety minutes before Atlanta kicked off their inaugural match against New York Red Bulls, the home team arrived at the stadium greeted by a plethora of faithful supporters. As they approached the stadium, lying ahead of them was a Golden Spike stretching eight feet long, accompanied with markers to inscribe their names.

After the entirety of the team signed the spike and finished entering the building, all fans and supporters were invited to leave their mark on the club’s golden relic as well.

Fans filled the seats of the stadium as anticipation filled the air and just before the official player walkout, another figure appeared from within the tunnel. Sporting the red and black stripes, hip-hop artist, actor, and well recognized ATLien Yung Joc emerged from the darkness carrying a hammer, prepared to strike the Golden Spike for the very first time.

Surrounded by a massive sellout crowd, he climbed to the top of the platform fronting the stadium’s supporters section, wound up, and crashed the hammer into the club’s Golden Spike as he chanted A-T-L, which then echoed throughout the stadium, amplified by the voices of the fans.

A tradition driven by the spike, the city and the team are now equipped with energy and prepared for the match. However, this custom does not halt at kickoff.

After the match, another legitimate, authentic golden spike from the track yards of Atlanta is awarded to a top performing player voted on by fans via Twitter. Despite the 2-1 defeat in the inaugural match, Atlanta United’s first-ever goal scorer in history, Yamil Asad, received the spike from the supporters. Asad then approached the club’s “railroad track”, one hand on the spike, one hand wrapped around a hammer, and drove it in with the combined force of his hand and the crowd’s voices rooting him on. A moment that will not soon be forgotten.

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Heart in California

What does this sticker mean?
California is the “golden state” and therefore the color for the sticker was an obvious go to design.  The blue border and blue heart represent the great blue Pacific Ocean.  There are three “Heart in California” designs, one for each region of the state, southern central and northern.

There are also other California Heart Sticker designs including the Native, Redwood, Sasquatch and Big Sur designs.  These stickers don’t feature the legacy heart design but instead they feature custom designs.

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